Destination Locations in the Pacific Northwest

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Hey all! It's been awhile but I'm back with some fun new info for you. With each type of session, (engagement, senior, family) you have an option of choosing a destination location for a slight extra charge. I repeatedly get questions about destination locations that I recommend and I'm here to finally spill all the tea about my favorite places to go that are a little further out of town. I consider all of these locations "destinations" because they are 45+ minutes out of town. Most of you are based out of Battle Ground, Vancouver, or Portland so these locations are about an hour or 2 away. When you book your session at one of these locations, you also will be able to spend extra time with me doing extra poses and adventuring! :)

I recommend looking into booking a session at these locations if you are looking for epic scenery or a more adventurous feel to your photos. I am also constantly looking for more fun locations so if you have one in mind that isn't listed, let's check it out! Chances are, I might already have it on my list of locations to scout!

Pacific City/ Cape Kiwanda - I grew up making trips here with my family and friends and only recently gained a new appreciation for this beach's gorgeous rocks and ocean views. There are easily accessible spots available or you can hike a little further into the dunes for even more epic spots. It's truly such a beachy feel for your photos which makes them so much more special. This Oregon beach town is about 2.5 hours from Clark County, Washington.

The Painted Hills - This park is about a 4 hour drive from Vancouver but it is well worth a day's get away! The hills are UNREAL. Like, I'm not kidding you... you will be breathless at the sight of the hills at the John Day Fossil Beds. Photos can't even do the views justice. It's like living and walking through a dream.

Yale Lake - this is not included in my list of "destination" locations because it's not that far out of the way for me. For those who live further South than me (Brush Prairie, Vancouver, Portland), Yale will be about an hour/hour and a half drive. There's so many options around here including rocks, views of St. Helens if the skies are clear, waterside spots, the dock, grassy fields, and I just recently realized that there are big tree stumps to shoot near during the winter months when the water is low!

Rowena Crest- This location is in the Columbia River Gorge, about an hour and a half outside of Vancouver. For a bonus, come here during the springtime to see beautiful wildflowers blooming! There's amazing views of the gorge and the Columbia River as well as big fields to frolic in. :)

Windy Ridge at Mt. St. Helens - Hands down... my favorite location to date. I have a slight obsession with beautiful mountain views and this spot KILLED IT. It's just a short (calf burning) hike up some stairs to the most gorgeous view of Helen's crater that I've ever seen... if only I were cool enough to hike up to the crater for reals like some of you;) On the opposite side, there are also views of Spirit Lake and you might even get to see an epic sunset behind the hills! I almost don't want to announce this location to the public as it seems to be one of the mountain's hidden gems that is incredibly underrated. Windy Ridge's parking lot is about a 3 hours drive from Vancouver... but I PROMISE it is worth every minute of driving on uneven paved roads around the mountain.

Places all over in the Columbia River Gorge! - About an hour and a half to two hours... depending on where you are headed, there are pretty views just about anywhere! During an engagement session with my dear friends Kelby & Alex, we had to be a little more adventurous than we had planned when the rain surprised us at our planned location at Government Cove Lookout. We travelled West to random places that we found until the rain found us again and we had to continue driving. It was so spontaneous and fun and we found so many neat places that I would love to try out again!

List of places that I want to check out soon(...just a few more ideas!):

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Lavender Fields in Hood River, Oregon

Trillium Lake, Oregon

Butte Creek Falls, Oregon

The Gorge White House in Hood River, Oregon

North Cascades National Park

Government Cove Lookout

I am all for hiking for photos, driving a few hours out of the way, or even traveling out of the PNW for shoots... you let me know where, accommodate for travel fees, and I'm there!

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